Saturday, March 8

Make Web Pages bigger

There are two ctrl keys on a standard keyboard select either one to press while using the mouse. While pressing the ctrl key, click on a website and begin to move the scroll wheel.
You’ll see the print get larger as you move the scroll wheel forwards or smaller as you move it backwards as you move the scroll wheel while holding the ctrl key down. As you make the print larger it will be much easier to read now what you had difficulty reading before you can read with ease.
This works well in FireFox and in some Internet Explorer pages. It will work in most Internet Explorer pages if you change one setting. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools/Internet Options, and click the Accessibility button in the lower right corner. Under “Formatting,” check the box “Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages” then click “OK” to save and that's done..
Ctrl-scroll will work on many Windows programs as well such as Microsoft Office, Outlook etc.

In Firefox, if you don’t have a scroll wheel on your mouse pressing “ctrl” and “+” together will make the text bigger, and “ctrl” and “-” makes it smaller.