Monday, April 7


XP-AntiSpy is a tool that enables you to configure Windows so that it doesn't use the internet to either submit feedback or download information without your knowledge.

For instance, Windows Media Player will look to the internet for information regarding song titles and will automatically download codecs when required.

It has been reported that it might submit usage information to Microsoft, and will save usage information to your system and much more.

Of course, most of this is speculation in the same manner that some of us worry about what supermarkets do with our personal shopping information when we use our 'loyalty card'.

Generally speaking, they do nothing apart from use the information for statistical purposes. However, this doesn't stop us worrying about submitting that information in the first place.

XP-AntiSpy will go deep in to your Windows operating system and enable you to turn off anything that you feel you do not want reported or submitted over the internet.