Thursday, May 29

BootIt - Lexar USB Flip the Removable Media Bit Tool

BootIt is a tool offered by Lexar that enables a user to format a USB flash drive, set a volume label, set a (bootable) active partition and most importantly, "Flip the Removable Media Bit" (RMB) on the USB device to allow windows to see the USB device as a fixed disk, rather than removable media. Flipping the Removable Media Bit on a USB flashdrive will allow a user to setup, see and use multiple partitions on the USB flashdrive from Windows. This tool was developed for Lexar drives. However it has been successfully used various brands of USB flash drives.

Download: You can download BootIt HERE

Warning: This tool may not work properly on some sticks as it was made for Lexar based products. The only function we have tested on our flashdrives is the Flip the Removable Bit feature. Use at your own risk!