Friday, June 13

AirPort Radar

A free and convenient tool for quickly scanning the area for AirPort and other wireless networks.

Features include:
- Signal strength at a glance: Visual signal meters tell you the strength of the AirPort signal for an easy-to-read radar screen.
- Sortable network list: Click on a category to sort the list of networks by that category. Click on the radio waves symbol to sort by signal strength.
- Connect to open networks: By simply clicking on the name you can connect to any network that is not password protected.
- Remember lost networks: When a network falls “below radar” it won’t disappear from your radar screen right away. This is particularly useful when a network is right on the threshold — with AirPort Radar it won’t jump on and off the radar screen, it will just turn grey temporarily while it is too weak to connect to. You can choose how many scans a lost network stays on-screen with the “Scan Memory” setting on the back side of the widget.
- Auto-resizing for various list lengths: The AirPort Radar widget will automatically resize itself to accomodate longer or shorter lists of wireless networks.