Tuesday, June 10

Mozilla Sunbird

Mozilla Sunbird is a cross-platform calendar application full-featured and easy to use.

Being a calendar, Sunbird greatest area of the interface is covered by days/weeks/months, events and tasks. The different views available let you choose between the elements to be displayed. If you want a pervasive hawk-eye view you can press Ctrl+3 for a multi-week view.
The great thing is that all the elements composing the interface are dilating once you maximize the window. This way a clearer look at the tasks and events of the day can be obtained.

Similar results can be obtained if you switch to day view. Just like in desk agenda, the page will be broken in boxes of one hour each. Depending on the length of the event or task programmed for a certain time these will be marked in a visible way so that you cannot miss it.

The fields to be filled in when adding a new task are no different from those when adding a new event. In fact the only deviation is in the attribute of the reminder (either task or event). Other than this everything is the same. You have to name it, provide a location, set a start and end point in time, you can make it repetitive or with an all day duration, choose the category to append it to (the categories are customizable, but Sunbird did a pretty good job with including the most used ones).