Saturday, June 14

Sex, alcohol and drugs

Do you wish to protect your children while they use they browse the information highways but are unsure how?

The software free method to Blocking Online Porn.
This approach comes from OpenDNS. It offers a service to help filter out porn without installing software. Because the service works on a network level, it can easily be deployed across any operating system or network.

OpenDNS filters out Web page requests at the domain name system level. DNS is responsible for translating human-friendly Web site names like "" into numeric, machine-readable Internet addresses. Anytime you send an e-mail or browse a Web site, your machine is sending a DNS look-up request to your Internet service provider to help route the traffic
This method means no matter which browser or operating system you are using as long as you've correctly changed the DNS settings on that machine or on your router it will work.

By creating and setting up a free account with and choosing the filters for adult content the company will block most porn sites from loading via any browser.
It can also block much more for example P2P/File sharing, Social networking, Instant messaging and tasteless subjects such as mutilation, torture, horror or the grotesque.

My post on OpenDNS
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Tonya said...

Axendra - thanks so much for the post! One small clarification: OpenDNS blocks phishing sites by default but whether or not it blocks adult sites is up to the individual account holder. We now have more than 50 filter categories, all of which are optional.


Axendra said...

Hello Tonya
Thank you for the clarification, I have now amended my post ^_^


Tonya said...

Axendra- Thanks!!