Thursday, August 7

The Spring Project

The Spring project is a nice RPG with features like

- Large battles limited only by the power of your computer; support for up to 5000 units.
- Large, highly detailed maps in which to wage those battles, fully 3D with deformable terrain, forest fires, dynamic and reflective water, and custom skyboxes.

- Several camera modes, allowing for anything to be viewed from almost any angle.
- Fully 3D combat in land, sea, and air, with realistic weapon trajectories.
- Many different mods, some of them originally from Total Annihilation, and some made just for Spring.
- Compatible with unit files from Total Annihilation, allowing 3rd party units to easily be moved into Spring.
- Complex 3rd party AIs, some of which are quite good.
- An extremely powerful GUI, designed to minimise unneccesary micromanagement.
- Frequent additions and bugfixes.

For windows and Linux.

The Spring Project