Friday, October 31

Bought A New Mouse :-)

I have had a standard microsoft optical usb mouse for going on 3yrs now, it was high time to replace it.

Through the years it survived a many thousands off rough clicks and a mishap with a mischievous cup of liquid that somehow ended up over it.

aka my hot freshly brewed cup of tea was sitting a little forward of my mouse and went all over the place.
It was back when I played first person shooters a bit in my hurry to shoot a found little critter trying to rip me apart I shoved the mouse forward clicking wildly :uzi: aiming to take the horrid beasts head off :uzi: at that moment slamming my mouse into my refreshing barely drunken cupa. Ooops!
Well over it went on the mouse keyboard desk and me up I jumped clean up commenced the mouse and keyboard both survived.

Then latter on right button not working to well (I think I dropped the mouse and maybe stood on it) so apart I had it and fixed that though.... a bit of plastic has ever since rattled about inside it.

It's the first wireless mouse I have owned and I like the freedom of no cord attached to it. The receiver is tiny and perfect to leave in a laptop and easy to use with an extension cord supplied for desktop use.
I like the positions of the forward and back buttons and the hyper-fast scrolling well lets just say you miss it as soon as you don't have it.
It uses 2AAA batteries and is rated to last approximately 6months so no need to worry about them suddenly dieing on you. The software was a breeze to install and customize the buttons with.
Reception is perfect and allows the mouse to work about 30 feet away from the computer.

It's very accurate being a laser mouse and also a comfortable mouse to use even with big hands.

If you want to read more about this mouse go here on amazon it also has many users feedback to help give you an idea of how many people are finding this mouse.
Main Logitech VX nano page here