Thursday, October 9

Windows Vista Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance is a program installed on Windows Vista that allows technical support to access and control your
computer. This option can be a useful device when you are having a problem using your computer. Remote
Assistance gives you the option to get technical support to directly access your computer without having to come to
your house.

To access Remote Assistance follow these steps:
1. Go to Start and click Help and Support
2. Under ask for someone, click Windows Remote Assistance.
3. In the new window, click Invite someone to help you.

Unless you have Microsoft E-mail through Outlook or Exchange you should choose Save this invitation as a file.

→Create a password and save the file as a recognizable name.
→Go to your e-mail provider and attach the invitation to the e-mail. Be sure to include the password in it.

Once tech support has received the e-mail, your computer will ask if you want the USER to connect to your computer. Click yes to allow them to have access to your computer and to have dual control.
You can stop this connection at anytime by clicking Stop Sharing.