Monday, July 6

Jokosher The Linux Alternative for Garage band

Music lovers and producers who are looking for an alternative to the popular Garage band in Mac, Jokosher is definitely worth trying. It's a simple powerful multi-track studio. With it you can create and record music, podcasts and more, all from an integrated simple environment.

The idea of Jokosher is to provide simple and easy to use software for anyone and everyone to create music. You don’t need to have any music background or exceptional knowledge in making music. With Jokosher, all you need is a 5 minutes of the familiarization process and you will be able to create and record excellent music or podcasts for your site in no time.

The multi track studio allows you to mix and match different instruments and effects to create a cohesive music. In Jokosher, there is a wide range of instruments that you can add to your music. You can find acoustic guitar, bass drum, bass guitar, cello, drum kit, harmonica and many other instruments. Adding them to your music is simply a select and click task.

At your first startup of Jokosher, it will prompt whether you want to create a new project or load existing one. With the main screen you will see several icons to help you get started. You can add new instrument, import audio files or to start recording new music.

When editing your music, you can easily split the track into two or more and using the simple cut/copy/paste functions, you can add or create multiple layers of the same track, each with different effects.

Jokosher integrates well with the Gstreamer plugin. Anything that is supported by Gstreamer is available in Jokosher as well. You can import/export your music/podcast to mp3, wav, flac, ogg and anything else supported by Gstreamer.

When adding effects to your music, you may want to install the additional plugins to increase the number of choices.

sudo apt-get install blop caps cmt fil-plugins mcp-plugins omins swh-plugins tap-plugins

Once installed, you will be able to add these effects to your music.

Jokosher is very user friendly and surprisingly simple to use. There are lot of customization options and yet the developer is able to keep the interface simple without too many complicated items on the main screen to frustrate users.

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