Wednesday, August 26

I'm far away from Australia! I'm in Sunny California

What was the first thing I noticed, what stood out the most? I would have to say the fact that a lot seems bigger. What do I mean, the cars for one! everyone seems to like owning large suv's whether or not they use it as one.
Then you also see suv's jacked up to heights that seem far absurd driving around they look ready to roll over any moment the owner dares take a sharp turn, what are these people thinking? is it just the look at me factor or something else.The normal sedans are around to but a strange liking to the large gas guzzlers seems rather prominent and I even spotted suv taxi's in San Francisco I mean it's hilly but they can't be cheap to keep on the road.

The other one is at least where I am in California all the homes in the area are two story and large. It's also rather odd for me the shopping centers are oversize, the building is one story but the physical height of it seems to be closer to two stories high. Everything is larger and stands out I guess that's what they want.

What else have I noticed well a lot, much has happened since I have been here. I have seen much and I'm enjoying myself. One last thing before I post this post is the homeless begging for money that's something that is a stark difference to home. If you go to San Francisco you will encounter them and also in Pitsburg.

I will update my blog now and then with posts about my trip.