Wednesday, September 2

Big Sur: Andrew Molera state park

I can now say I been to Andrew Molera state park it offers a very enjoyable day out. The drive to it for me was about three and a half hours, the last part of the drive on highway 1 leading into your destination has breathtaking the scenery from the coast line to driving over Bixby Creek Bridge.
Now I might of had a very enjoyable day with my girlfriend and the drive to Big Sur uneventful. The drive back was different! due to car accidents I was stuck at I believe it was coming to or just after Carmel I can't recall now but it was about a two mile long traffic jam for going on towards two hours! A three and a half hour drive home took over five hours! it was very long day.

If you're ever on vacation in CA this is a place you want to get to early and spend the day hiking and enjoying this very scenic area, be sure to pack a few bottles of water and sunscreen it can be rather warm.

This is a panorama I did when I was at Andrew Molera state park in Big Sur which has some beautiful scenery you really should see if you can.