Friday, October 2

Journey Update

I haven't updated this as much as I was intending to it's hard thinking of my trip as having an ending.
Well I have since been to Lake Tahoe. It's a very scenic place to visit and has been a highlight of places I have visited with my girlfriend we liked it much more than yosemite national park. We couldn't of enjoyed our stay anymore than we did only it could of been longer we stayed two days. We enjoyed our time together, the view, hiking and bike riding.

It's with a deep sadness that my trip is nearing evermore near the date when I must return alone to Australia. I don't want to go, I don't want to part from my loved one as it will be some time before were able to make a permanent move as it costs a lot. I love life but it's also not always joy it's cruel and saddening at times to.