Tuesday, October 18

My Cactus hobby

I have a few cactus but recently I have been enjoying trying to grow a few of my own. I sourced seed's and began. I tried a styrofoam box with air vents and glass on top this works but at night the temperatures still drop, maintaining temperatures in the day can be a slight problem though shade cloth helps.
I needed a much better way to maintain temperatures 24/7 for reliable germination. The result a aquarium heater propagation hot box.

These seedlings are a result of being started in the styrofoam box method but as the nights can be cool (warming now) the seeds were at risk of not germinating so I moved them to the new heating method and the result is in the photo.
These are Desert Rose's (Adenium obesum)

My propagation box currently has a 24 cell seedling tray in it. I have more Desert roses mainly but I have a mixed row of seeds: Euphorbia enopla, Euphorbia suzannae, Woolly torch cactus (Pilosocereus palmeri), SEA URCHIN (Euphorbia obesa) and I even have a few Saguaro Cactus seed's planted to see how they go.