Thursday, March 13

Did you know

Computer keyboards can contain “super anti-biotic resistant bugs” that can live among the keys for at least 24 hours. And you can’t simply “wash and bleach” the keyboard either – they don’t work so well if you do that… Spray disinfectants are also useless as the bugs hide under the keys.

Not to panic you but other studies have shown that keyboards are less hygienic than toilet seats. Recommendations include never letting someone else use your own personal keyboard (unsafe keyboarding), using a washable keyboard (not many of these on the market), ultra violet sterilisers etc. This phenomenon is not restricted to keyboards either – 25,000 different germs were detected on mobile phone keypads. Sounds like a new market is emerging but seriously if you are using PC and ICT equipment in public areas and otherwise sterile areas you need to consider the implications.