Thursday, March 13

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Windows comes equipped with Disk Defragmenter, a utility designed to compact the disk files and this is generally the first option when it comes to improving disk access time. But despite the fact that it is shipped with Windows, the tool is no magician when doing its job. It will simply perform a basic defragmentation process of your files and that is it.

But what few users know is that defragmentation tools can be found in freeware state and they perform quite good. Disk Defrag from AusLogics Inc is a free utility specially designed to help you "gather" the files stored on disk. The result of this activity will be a faster disk access time for read/write operations. What this translates into is that during copying or moving the files to one drive or another, the process will be more speedy.

The user interface is not a hassle even for the beginner and the wizard like process will make it extremely

easy for you to handle the application. The first screen allows you to choose the drive you want to defragment. As soon as the selection is made the software will display additional information on the partition. Thus you can learn about the file system type, total disk size, used and free space available. To make it more comfortable for you a graphic is displayed showing the used and free disk space.
Hitting Next button takes you directly to file compacting process.

Simple, reliable and quite fast in actions, as it is it's good free alternative.