Thursday, April 10


Replace Word with this multiplatform, free alternative that covers the basics.

Can't afford Microsoft Office or would just like an alternative when all you need is a good, solid word processor? Then you're in luck.

If you've got straightforward word processing chores, including inserting and handling images, you'll want this freebie. It features a simple straightforward interface; you won't need to spend hours trying to wrangle your way through ribbons or multi-level menus.

What you need is right in front of you, icons and menus across the top of the page, with no clutter. You'll most likely be surprised by the amount of features this free word processor packs in. For example, it handles mail merges, will insert pages numbers, date and time, and other auto text, and has some very nice tools for handling tables. Use this program enough, and you'll find that it's not just a money-saver, but a time-saver as well, because of its utter simplicity.