Wednesday, April 9

Photo to DVD (Freeware)

DVD slideshow GUI offers a very simple way to make your own slideshows. Just import your images, export them as an authored DVD-image(.iso) and burn it!

But DVD slideshow GUI is loaded with features:
- 192 different types of transitions.
- 72 Post Effects and 15 Motion Backgrounds.
- Animate your overlapping images using zoom, pan and rotate.
- Add videos(avi/avs) to you slideshow.
- Add music, motion backgrounds, borders and subtitles.
- Export to dvd video, dvd audio, dvd chapters, dvd subtitles, avi, flash, avisynth script, storyboards, single images with backgrounds, etc.
- You can even make and add your own transitions(grayscale bitmaps or in avisynth code)


Tutorial: How to make a menu slideshow DVD